142K Standalone/Rig

CWS adds 142K Standalone/Rig assist Hybrid unit to fleet.

In our continued response to our customers needs, CWS has added a 142K Standalone/Rig assist Hybrid unit to our fleet. Jack is 11.5 feet of stroke, 142k of lift and 84k equipped with adjustable brake “On the fly adjustment” for pipe light and pipe heavy. Hydralic rotary table is rated for 3300 ft. lbs at 3000 psi at 70 rpm. The gin pole scopes 48 feet above the floor. The 2 counter balance winches can lift up to 1500 hundred pounds each. Fast winch is good for 3000 lbs.

The response from customers has been positive. By adding this unit CWS shows our continued commitment to being the premier provider of snubbing services in the industry.