Workover Rigs

Workover Rig

Work over rigs include

Service King 675 Rig
Engine – Series 60 Detroit Diesel 475 HP
Transmission – 4500 OFS Allison 

Equipped with positive air shut off for emergency shutdown and to prevent a engine run away

Main Drum 42” diameter x 12” Water spray drum brake cooling

Double 48” Air Cooled Disk Assist

109 ft. derrick 350,000 Capacity w/ 8 lines
109 ft. derrick 370,000# Capacity w/ 10 lines

Tubing Board Capacity 60’ Double Stands ~ 24,300’ – 2 7/8” EUE tubing

Rod Board Strands 75’ Triple Stands ~ 20,000’ 7/8” sucker rod

Posi-Stop System: 

It allows preset upper or lower block limits to be set. An audible alarm also sounds when the blocks are at the 10% and 95% position and sounds progressively faster as the blocks approach the lower or upper limit. When the blocks are at the limit set the system controls the drawworks clutches and throttle to 0% the drawworks brake is applied, and a red limit light is illuminated.

Workover Rig

Sand drum: 42” diameter x 8” wide

Water spray brake cooling

Capacity: 14,400 – 9/16” or 11,800’ – 5/8”

Dual torque line cables for power swivel

Rig beam for rig support and guywire attachments with turn buckles

Oil Country power tongs model 4500 and 5500 with pneumatic controlled back up